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Research Article

An Influence of Birth Weight, Gestational Age, and Apgar Score on Pattern Visual Evoked Potentials in Children with History of Prematurity

Table 2

Correlation of PVEP variables with gestational age (weeks), birth weight (grams), and Apgar score.

PVEP electrodePVEP parameters ()GA (weeks)Birth weight (grams)Apgar score
15 min60 min15 min60 min15 min60 min

O1P100 latency (ms)−0.34−0.04−0.23−0.02−0.4−0.14
P100 amplitude (µm)

OzP100 latency (ms)−0.21−0.13−0.10−0.1−0.3−0.18
P100 amplitude (µm)0.530.500.590.550.370.58

O2P100 latency (ms)−0.27−0.15−0.19−0.15−0.26−0.16
P100 amplitude (µm)0.370.330.470.400.340.4

GA: gestational age; : number of eyes; : Pearson’s correlation coefficient; correlation.