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Dopaminergic Modulation of Striatal Inhibitory Transmission and Long-Term Plasticity

Figure 3

D1 and D2 receptors modulate striatal GABAergic transmission. (a, e, i, and m) are pie charts to illustrate the distribution of the modulatory effects of the D1 agonist, D1 antagonist, D2 agonist, and D2 antagonist, respectively, on the IPSC amplitude. (b, f, j, and n) display the PPR comparison of IPSCs in the control and after the addition of the DA reagent. (c, g, and k) The rise time and (d, h, and l) the decay time constants of the IPSCs in the control and in the presence of SKF81297 (10 μM), SCH23390 (1 μM), Quinelorane (10 μM), and sulpiride (1 μM).