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Chronic Mild Stress Modulates Activity-Dependent Transcription of BDNF in Rat Hippocampal Slices

Figure 5

Protein analyses of BDNF mediated signaling: ERK1/2 kinases and CREB. The protein levels of the phosphorylated forms of ERK1 (a), ERK2 (c), and CREB (e) and their total forms (b, d, and f, resp.) were measured by Western blot analyses on protein extracts obtained from hippocampal slices obtained from unstressed (No Stress) or chronically stressed (Stress) rats exposed to KCl-induced depolarization (KCl 50 mM). The data, shown as a percentage referring to control group (No Stress/KCl 5 nM), are the mean ± SEM of independent determinations. , versus No Stress animals/KCl 5 nM. Two-way ANOVA with SCPHT.