Research Article

Early Transcriptional Changes Induced by Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling in Hippocampal Neurons

Figure 1

Transcriptome analysis, differentially expressed genes, and their functional classification. (a) Rat genes total amount of raw reads is displayed for each of the samples sequenced (C1: Control 1, W1: Wnt1, C2: Control 2, W2: Wnt2, C3: Control 3, and W3: Wnt3). Dark to light blue color scale denotes a higher to lower number of counts per gene, respectively. (b) Fold change observed for the cluster analysis of the 170 differentially expressed rat genes in red to green scale for up- to downregulation, respectively. (c) Smear plot. log 2 fold change ( axis) values versus normalized read counts per gene ( axis) between treatment and control conditions. A total of 170 confident transcript calls over the threshold of 0.05 value (red dots) are shown. (d) Comparison of the 170 genes found differentially expressed and the total genes analyzed. (e) For all genes over threshold, we determined their protein class with the Panther software (v11.0).