Table 1: Cell death phenotypes.

CytoplasmCell membraneNucleus

Apoptosis(i) Condensation
(ii) Shrinkage
(iii) Undamaged mitochondria, but might also appear swollen
Undamaged(i) Large chromatin clusters
(ii) Undamaged nuclear membrane

NecrosisTotally disrupted organelles(i) Rupture
(ii) Swelling
(i) Undamaged nuclear membrane
(ii) Widely scattered very small chromatin clusters

Apoptosis-necrosis continuum(i) Varying degrees of condensation
(ii) Rarefaction with varying preservation of organelles
(iii) Undamaged mitochondria
(iv) Occasional autophagocytic inclusions
Undamaged(i) Incomplete packaging of nuclear chromatin into small and more numerous clusters
(ii) Various degrees of membrane preservation