Research Article

Merging and Fractionation of Muscle Synergy Indicate the Recovery Process in Patients with Hemiplegia: The First Study of Patients after Subacute Stroke

Table 4

Results of multiple linear regression analysis of gait kinematics.

Merging index (y)Model R2Predictors (x)95% CIp

Model 1: strength0.427Intercept<0.01
Strength−0.651−1.47, −0.19<0.05
Model 2: strength/range of ankle0.647Intercept<0.01
Strength−0.558−1.26, −0.17<0.05
Range of ankle−0.481−1.16, −0.07<0.05


Fractionation index (y)Model R2Predictor (x)95% CIp

Model 1: BI0.333Intercept<0.05
BI0.5770.15, 4.84<0.05