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Research Article

Sleep Spindles Characteristics in Insomnia Sufferers and Their Relationship with Sleep Misperception

Table 4

Difference between good sleepers, paradoxical and psychophysiological insomnia sufferers according to sleep spindles characteristics on night 3.

Spindles characteristics Stage 2SWS
H value (Kruskal-Wallis) H value (Kruskal-Wallis)

Number1.613 0.4461.4960.473
Density (spindles/min)1.329 0.5251.8320.400
Duration (sec)8.769 0.0121.2000.549
Frequency (Hz)2.890 0.2360.8140.666
Amplitude (μv)1.076 0.5841.0930.579

Note.: significant difference between the groups. SWS: slow wave sleep.