Table 2: Segment and placement of markers on the body.

Upper body
 TorsoSpinous process of the 7th cervical 
vertebrae, spinous process of the 10th 
thoracic vertebrae, jugular notch where 
the clavicles meet the sternum, xiphoid 
process of the sternum, the position in 
the middle of the right scapula
 Upper armBoth acromions and both lateral 
epicondyles of elbow
 Fore armBoth lateral epicondyles of elbow, both 
styloid processes of the ulna, and both 
styloid processes of the radius

Lower body
 PelvisBoth anterior superior iliac spines and 
both posterior superior iliac spines
 Upper legBoth greater trochanters, both lateral 
epicondyles of knee, and both medial 
epicondyles of knee
 Lower legBoth lateral epicondyles of knee, both 
medial epicondyles of knee, both lateral 
malleoluses, and both medial malleoluses
 FootBoth the first metatarsal heads, both the 
second metatarsal heads, both fifth 
metatarsal heads, and both calcaneouses