Table 3: The mean and standard deviation of temporal spatial, kinetic, and kinematic data on affected side in the four conditions.

Mean (S.D.)Mean (S.D.) valueMean (S.D.) valueMean (S.D.) value

Gait speed [cm/s]61 (14)63 (13)n. s.64 (13)n. s.66 (13)0.109
Stride length [cm]85 (12)89 (11)n. s.88 (10)n. s.91 (10)0.066
Step length [cm]43 (6)46 (5)n. s.45 (5)n. s.46 (5)0.073
Maximum hip extensor angle in stance [degree]2.0 (4.7)−1.2 (4.3)n. s.−1.1 (4.7)n. s.0.5 (4.4)0.016
Maximum ankle plantar flexor moment [Nm/kg]0.81 (0.19)0.83 (0.22)n. s.0.86 (0.22)0.0900.87 (0.20)0.031