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Current Research Therapeutic Strategies for Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Table 1

ActivityCompoundClinical trial

Inhibitors of β-secretase (i) E2609
(ii) MK-8931
(iii) LY2886721
(i) NCT01600859
(ii) NCT01739348
(iii) NCT01807026 and NCT01561430

Inhibitors and modulators of γ-secretase(i) Semagacestat (LY450139)
(ii) Avagacestat
(i) NCT00762411, NCT01035138, and NCT00762411
(ii) NCT00810147, NCT00890890, NCT00810147, NCT01079819

Selective γ-secretase modulators (SGSM)(i) Ibuprofen, sulindac, indomethacin, and R-flurbiprofen (Tarenflurbil)
(ii) NIC5-15
NCT00322036, NCT00105547

Nonsteroidal inhibitory of cyclooxygenase activity (NSAIDs)CHF5074NCT01203384, NCT01303744, NCT00954252

Inhibitors of Aβ aggregation(i) Glycosaminoglycans 3-amino acid, 1-propanesulfonic synthetic (3APS, Alzhemed, tramiprosate)
(ii) Colostrinin
(iii) Scyllo-inositol compound (ELND005)
(iv) PBT1 (clioquinol) and PBT2
Phase III in 2007

Modulation of β-amyloid transport from the brain to the peripheral circulation(i) PF-0449470052
(ii) TTP4000 (NCT01548430)
(i) Phase II
(ii) Phase I (February 2013)

Active immunotherapy(i) Anti-Aβ42 vaccine (AN1792)
(ii) CAD 106
(iii) ACC-001
(iv) ACI-24, MER5101 and AF205
(v) Bapineuzumab, solanezumab
(vi) Gantenerumab
(vii) Crenezumab (MABT5102A)
(viii) Ponezumab (PF-04360365)
(ix) MABT5102A, GSK933776A, NI-101, SAR-228810 and BAN-2401
(x) Gammagard
(i) Phase II
(ii) NCT01284387, NCT00479557 and phase II NCT01227564 (rejected)
(iii) Preclinical
(iv) NCT01127633, NCT02008357 and NCT01900665 phase III (2012)
(v) NCT01760005, NCT02051608 and NCT01224106 phase III
(vi) NCT01343966, NCT01998841 phase II (April 2013)
(vii) Phase I 
(viii) NCT00818662