Figure 2: Efficacy of AAV2-KLF7 gene transfer to spinal cord neurons in vitro. (a) AAV-GFP-infected cultured spinal cord neurons. Scale bars: 50 μm. (b) Quantitative analysis of AAV2-GFP infection rate. Representative immunohistochemical staining of KLF7 (green) and β-III-tubulin (labeling neurite and dendrite outgrowth, red) with nuclear staining (DAPI, blue) in cultured spinal cord neurons in the AAV-GFP (c) and AAV-KLF7 groups (d). Block shows the KLF7 colabeling of nuclei and neurite outgrowth. Quantitative analyses of the KLF7 relative density (e) and neurite length/neuron (f) in the two groups. wells/group. Student’s t-tests, . Scale bars: 200 μm.