Figure 4: AAV-KLF7 promotes neurites outgrowth in vitro. Time-lapse imaging of spinal cord neuron axonal outgrowth in AAV-GFP (a) and AAV-KLF7 (b) groups on 0, 3, and 4 days (IncuCyte ZOOM Kinetic Imaging System) in vitro. Data represent neurite length/neuron (c) and neurite branch points/neuron (d) ( neurons/group). (e) Representative immunostaining of DRG explants in each group; neurite outgrowth was labeled with β-III-tubulin (green). A comparison of the average length (f) and total of neurite length per neuron within different angle bins (g) by Sholl analysis (/group). Error bars denote SD. versus the AAV-GFP control group. Student’s t-tests. Scale bars: 50 μm or 100 μm.