Figure 8: AAV-KLF7 significantly infects DPSNs at T7 and T9 levels after SCI. Five weeks after contusion injury, (a-b) representative immunohistochemical stainings for KLF7 (green) and FG (retrograde-labeled DPSNs, blue) in the Rexed lamina VII at the T7 and T9 levels are shown across the SCI + AAV-GFP and SCI + AAV-KLF7 groups. Cell counts were performed at the T7 and T9 levels with 15 sections per segment. Quantitative analyses of the KLF7 relative density (c), FG-labeled neurons (d), and percentage of FG/KLF7 double-labeled neurons (e) above the lesion area. mice/group. Student’s t-tests; green indicates SCI + AAV-GFP control; red indicates SCI + AAV-KLF7. . NS: not significant. Scale bars: 50 μm.