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Following Spinal Cord Injury Transected Reticulospinal Tract Axons Develop New Collateral Inputs to Spinal Interneurons in Parallel with Locomotor Recovery

Figure 5

Traced RtST collateral counts and intersections at different distances from the grey/white matter border. Counts of traced RtST collaterals crossing into the grey matter did not differ significantly between groups (a). An ipsilateral (ipsi) RtST collateral (arrow) is seen projecting across the grey/white matter (GM/WM) interface (dotted blue line). Dashed yellow line, midline. Scale = 50 μm (b). Line plot showing a greater number collaterals within the grey matter starting from the lateral grey/white matter border in the ipsilateral spinal cord (0 μm) and continuing to the lateral edge of the contralateral (contra) grey/white border in the contralateral spinal cord (1000 μm) for the dSTAG group. Dashed line, midline. Grey and red areas represent the SEM (c). Contralateral and ipsilateral are relative to the T10 SCI.