Table 2: Regions of interest for the major cortical motor-related areas.

IDRegionsAbbreviationSideMNI coordinate

1Supplementary motor areaSMAL−5−457
2Supplementary motor areaSMAR5−457
3Primary motor cortexM1L−38−2256
4Primary motor cortexM1R38−2256
5Postcentral gyrusPCGL−37−3453
6Postcentral gyrusPCGR37−3453
7Dorsolateral PremotorPMdL−22−1357
8Dorsolateral PremotorPMdR28−1054
9Ventrolateral PremotorPMvL−49−138
10Ventrolateral PremotorPMvR53025

The regions were selected from previous studies (Jiang et al. [22] and Wang et al. [21]). The location of each region of interest with a 5-radius sphere. L: left; R: right; MNI: Montreal Neurological Institute.