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Research Article

Action Video Game Experience Related to Altered Large-Scale White Matter Networks

Table 2

Detailed information on significant nodes. BA: Brodmann areas.

Abbr.Full nameBAInvolved networksInvolved functions

SFGmorbSuperior frontal gyrus, medial orbitalBA 10Prefrontal networksCognitive control
SFGSuperior frontal gyrusBA 9Prefrontal networksCognitive control
SFGorbSuperior frontal gyrus, orbitalBA 11Prefrontal networksCognitive control
IFGorbInferior frontal gyrus, orbitalBA 47Prefrontal networksCognitive control
MFGorbMiddle frontal gyrus, orbitalBA 46Prefrontal networksCognitive control
IFGtriInferior frontal gyrus, triangularBA 45Prefrontal networksCognitive control
IFGoperInferior frontal gyrus, opercularBA 44Prefrontal networksCognitive control
REGRectus gyrusBA 11Limbic systemCognitive control
ACCAnterior cingulate gyrusBA 24Limbic systemCognitive control
PUTLenticular nucleus, putamenLimbic systemMotor learning and execution
PALLenticular nucleus, pallidumLimbic systemRegulating movements
CAUCaudate nucleusLimbic systemSpatial and motoric memory
Directed movements
AMRGAmygdalaLimbic systemStressing response
HIPHippocampusLimbic systemSpatial memory and navigation
STGpSuperior temporal gyrus, temporal poleBA 38Limbic systemLimbic associational integration
SMASupplementary motor networkBA 6Sensorimotor networkThe control of movement
MTGMiddle temporal gyrusBA 21Sensorimotor networkTemporal associational integration
STGSuperior temporal gyrusBA 48Sensorimotor networkAudio-visual integration, and motion perception
SPGSuperior parietal gyrusBA 7Sensorimotor networkSpatial orientation
SOGSuperior occipital gyrusBA 19Sensorimotor networkProcessing visual information
ANGAngular gyrusBA 39Sensorimotor networkSpatial orientation
CALCalcarine fissure and surrounding cortexBA 18Sensorimotor networkProcessing visual information
MOGMiddle occipital gyrusBA 19Sensorimotor networkProcessing visual information
PoCGPostcentral gyrusBA 3Sensorimotor networkProcessing somatosensory information
SMGSupramarginal gyrusBA 40Sensorimotor networkSpatial orientation