Research Article

Vagotomy Reduces Insulin Clearance in Obese Mice Programmed by Low-Protein Diet in the Adolescence

Figure 1

Vagotomy improved glucose tolerance but not insulin sensitivity. Blood glucose during the ipGTT (a) and its respective area under curve (AUC) (b). Blood glucose during ipITT (c) and glucose disappearance rate (KITT) (d) in the LP, LP + HF, and LP + HFD mice. Data are means ± SEM from LP (); LP + HF (); LP + HFvag ( = 5-6). The symbols “” indicate significant differences between the LP and LP + HFvag compared to the LP + HF; “#,” between the LP + HF and LP + HFvag; and “&,” between the LP + HF and LP + HFvag compared to the LP. Different letters over the bars indicate significant differences. One-way ANOVA followed by Tukey’s test. .