Neural Plasticity / 2018 / Article / Fig 3

Clinical Study

Mixed-Effects Modeling of Neurofeedback Self-Regulation Performance: Moderators for Learning in Children with ADHD

Figure 3

Visualization of effects moderating cross-session NF learning in the feedback condition. The dependent variable is mean amplitude (μV) of baseline-corrected trials. (a) Interaction effect between session, task, age, and MPH. For comparison between effects and raw data, see scatter plot under each effects panel, fitted with a least squares regression based on the same factors as in the effect plots. Session number: 15 training sessions in total. Task. Deactivation: generation of positive potential shifts. Activation: generation of negative potential shifts. MPH: being on constant methylphenidate medication. Feedback condition: feedback stimulus visible. For visualization, age is subdivided into two age classes (8–12 and 13–16 years), but preserved as a continuous variable in the original model. (b) Visualization of IQ effect. IQ is estimated based on the short form of the German WISC-IV [34].