Table 4: Physical versus untrained classification accuracy minus chance comparing young and older adults. (a) Young adults > older adults. (b) Older adults > young adults.

RegionBAMNI coordinates valueCluster size value

(a) Young adults > older adults
R superior parietal lobule28−38364.62460.039
R cerebellum12−74−144.4381<0.001
 R calcarine gyrus1814−70−64.35
 R lingual gyrus178−82−123.86
(b) Older adults > young adults
R angular gyrus3940−62244.28460.039
 R middle occipital gyrus34−70264.07
L middle occipital gyrus19−46−72124.24470.034
 L middle temporal gyrus39−50−62184.15
 L middle temporal gyrus39−40−60203.62

BA: Brodmann’s area; R: right, L: left. , uncorrected;  = 10 voxels. Regions in bold font are FWE cluster corrected at the level. Up to three local maxima are listed when a cluster has multiple peaks more than 8 mm apart.