Research Article

Changes in Resting-State Connectivity following Melody-Based Therapy in a Patient with Aphasia

Figure 2

Changes in resting-state connectivity during the treatment interval in the treated patient JV (a) and control patient GB (b). Increase: green; decrease: red. Values represent differences (T3 − T2) in the semipartial correlation. Arrows point to the target region in the calculation of semipartial correlations. Only changes in T3 − T2 which were significantly greater than changes during the baseline period (T2 − T1) are shown. Significance is determined with FDR correction for 66 correlations with or (marked by). L: left; R: right; Orb: orbitalis; Tri: triangularis; Operc: opercularis; PreC: precentral; SMA: supplementary motor area.