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Cortical and Subcortical Contributions to Neuroplasticity after Repetitive Transspinal Stimulation in Humans

Figure 2

Decrease of MEP peaks of facilitation after 40 minutes of transspinal stimulation. Group data from all subjects showing conditioned MEP (expressed as a percentage of the test MEP) by paired TMS pulses in the resting TA muscle before (green lines) and after (red lines) 40 min of transspinal stimulation for all ISIs tested (a). Curve fitting analysis using a 3-Gaussian model to estimate the number of MEP peaks following paired TMS pulses (b), MEP peak amplitude, onset latency, and duration (c). In (a) and (b), the abscissa shows the ISI between paired TMS pulses, and the ordinate shows the size of the conditioned MEP. In (c), the abscissa shows the TA MEP peaks. Error bars indicate SE. .