Research Article

Electroacupuncture Pretreatment Elicits Tolerance to Cerebral Ischemia/Reperfusion through Inhibition of the GluN2B/m-Calpain/p38 MAPK Proapoptotic Pathway

Figure 1

EA pretreatment and model preparation for rats in three groups. (a) The experimental procedure included 5 consecutive days of pretreatment stage and the subsequent modeling stage for one day (I: ischemia, insertion of suture to block the blood flow; R: reperfusion, withdrawal of the suture to restore blood flow at 90 minutes after ischemia). (b) EA stimulation. (c) Cerebral blood flow of the baseline () and postischemia (). (d) Blood flow after reperfusion (). (e) Comparison of cerebral blood flow at different time points (). The unit of blood flow “AU” is the unit determined by the manufacturer. The blood flow at three time points was compared using one-way ANOVA for repeated measurement. The results did not meet the sphericity test (Mauchly , ), so the differences among groups were examined using MANOVA (, ) followed by LSD for post hoc multiple comparisons. vs. sham; # vs. MCAO/R.