Research Article

Predisposition of Neonatal Maternal Separation to Visceral Hypersensitivity via Downregulation of Small-Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channel Subtype 2 (SK2) in Mice

Figure 8

The downregulation of MPP2 contributed to the decrease in the membrane SK2 channel protein and visceral pain threshold. (a) From western blotting of spinal cord cell lysates expressing anti-MPP2 antibody and immunoprecipitation with SK2 or IgG (control), adjacent blotting showed input of MPP2. (b) Spinal MPP2 protein in the membrane fraction presented a significant decrease in mice experiencing neonatal MS versus the control mice (-test, , , per group). (c) Spinal MPP2-related mRNA presented a significant decrease following the siRNA targeting MPP2 administration (-test, , , per group). (d) The siRNA targeting MPP2 injection resulted in the decrease of spinal membrane MPP2 protein in naïve mice (-test, , , per group). (e) The siRNA targeting MPP2 administration led to the decrease of spinal SK2 channel in the membrane fraction (-test, , , per group). (f) The visceral pain threshold in naïve mice presented a significant decrease after injection of the siRNA targeting MPP2 (-test, , , per group). (g) The AWR score presented a significant increase in naïve mice subjected to pressure stimulus at 40 mmHg (Bonferroni post hoc test, ) after injection of the siRNA targeting MPP2 (two-way ANOVA test, , , per group). Data are expressed as ; and .