Research Article

Annexin A3 as a Marker Protein for Microglia in the Central Nervous System of Rats

Figure 7

Subcellular localization of ANXA3 in resting and activated N9 microglial cells and lentiviral transfection of N9 cells. (a) Representative immunofluorescence images showing ANXA3 expression in microglial cells. N9 cells were also stained for CD11b expression. The inset shows the microglia at a higher magnification. . (b, c) Western blotting analysis of ANXA3 protein expression levels in the cytoplasm and nuclei of resting (Con) and LPS-induced activated microglia (500 ng/ml LPS treatment for 24 hours). The panel shows the ANXA3, tubulin, and histone H3 protein bands, and the histogram reflects the results of the densitometric analysis. The data are expressed as the and were analyzed by Student’s -tests. compared with the control group. The data were pooled from six independent experiments.