Research Article

Increased Intracranial Pressure in the Setting of Enterovirus and Other Viral Meningitides

Table 2

Results of lumbar puncture and cerebrospinal fluid testing.

PatientOpening pressure
(cm H2O)
CSF lymphocytes
CSF protein
Positive microbial studiesNegative microbial studies

1502708865EV, Cr, AFB, Fung
2221087140Enterovirus PCR
3>55138954EV, Cr, AFB, Ly,
5322609364Lyme titer elevated;
immunoblot negative
621309730EV, Ly
726139119HSV, viral culture

All patients had a negative CSF bacterial culture in addition to the studies listed.
CSF = cerebrospinal fluid; WBC = white blood cells; EV = Enterovirus PCR; Cr = cryptococcal antigen testing; AFB = culture for acid fast bacilli; Fung = fungal culture; HSV = herpes simplex virus PCR; Ly = Lyme titers.