Table 5: Comparison of mean NIHSS at 24 hours after intravenous rt-PA between experimental group and control group by ANCOVA test [control variables which are not related to the experimental group but affected covariates include age, risk factors, subtype of infarct, severity of stroke, and time from stroke symptom onset to hospital (n=76)].

dfSum of squareMean squareFp-value

Covariates and the groups1616.235616.23525.484.001

Risk factors1.

Age (years old)112.95412.954.620.434

Subtype of infarct17.7577.757.371.544

Time (minutes)11743.2611743.26168.765.461

Severity of stroke11913.9941913.99483.232.100

Error values701461.83320.883