Figure 1: Plot diagrams of the participants’ statements on SAQOL-39. SAQOL-39: Stroke and Aphasia Quality of Life Scale. Dimensions: (a) total score; (b) physical function; (c) communication; (d) psychosocial functioning, and (e) energy. Value scores (y-axis). Range score: 5-1. Score 5 is no trouble at all; score 4 is a little trouble; score 3 is some trouble; score 2 is a lot of trouble; score 1 is could not do it at all. Time (x-axis) Time 1: T1, before the intervention (5–12 weeks after stroke). Time 2: T2, two weeks after the intervention (about 1 year after stroke). Time 3: T3, 12 months after the intervention (about 2 years after stroke).