Nursing Research and Practice / 2013 / Article / Tab 18

Research Article

Assessment of Ethical Ideals and Ethical Manners in Care of Older People

Table 18

Effects on distribution function when C11 “4” = 100%.

5432 1Missing

B11Person-centred care5,57−0,57−3,48−1,52
E41Listen to the older person2,21−1,15−1,254,01
D11Monitoring of older person’s satisfaction about care14,17−3,01−10,58−0,55
B41True presences5,090,25−5,821,47
C41Encourage participation−1,540,52,03−0,05 −0,92
F/E11Respect for the older person’s own decisions−3,55−6,641,79,32 4,13−4,97