Table 2: Values, knowledge and behaviors related to planning for the end of Life.

55–64 years ( ) %≥65 years ( ) %Overall ( ) %

Importance of planning for future medical Care
 Not at all or somewhat important23.418.821.6
 Important or very important76.681.378.4
Importance of planning for own funeral
 Not at all or somewhat important39.235.737.8
 Important or very important60.864.362.2
Familiarity with term “Living Will”
 Not at all familiar7.06.36.7
 Some basic understanding32.730.431.8
 Fairly or very good understanding60.263.461.5
Familiarity with term “Advance Care Plan”
 Not at all familiar28.123.226.1
 Some basic understanding35.137.536.0
 Fairly or very good understanding36.839.337.6
Discussed unacceptable states of health53.243.849.5
Discussed wishes for treatment53.869.660.1
Designated a substitute decision-maker34.552.741.7
Prepared written LW or ACP20.533.025.4

using the chi-square test for proportions with a Bonferonni correction.