Table 1: Three-stage process for establishing consensus on research priorities.

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
Topic identificationStakeholder surveyPriority consensus

Topics identified through broad environmental scans of healthcare literature, regulatory and accreditation criteria, innovation challenges, national campaigns, and discussions with leaders
Survey instrument was developed and refined as follows:
(i) paper-based survey data collection ( ; 62% response rate);
(ii) content and clarity review ( );
(iii) online survey pilot and telephone debrief ( )
Online survey data were collected from stakeholders ( = 2,777; 20% response rate)
Consensus formed by Expert Panel (Delphi process) ( )
(i) Expert panel completed online survey prior to meeting
(ii) Criteria for prioritization established at in-person meeting
(iii) Discussions and multiple iterations occurred during in-person meeting
Consensus declared by professional facilitator and group

Topics were incorporated into survey instrument
Stakeholder survey data provided foundation for consensus formation
Priority research agenda finalized and disseminated