Table 1: Overview of studies.

Research titleEpigenetic aimPopulationRecruitment goal

Epigenetics and psychoneurologic (PN) symptoms in women with breast cancer
(Lyon et al.)
(1) Longitudinally examine levels of inflammation and epigenetic patterns pre-, peri-, and postchemotherapy
(2) Longitudinally examine relationships among inflammation, epigenetic changes, and PN symptoms
Women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer

Epigenetics and maternal stress
(supplement to ongoing intervention trial)
(Jallo and Cook)
Longitudinally examine relationships among epigenetic changes, stress, anxiety, depression, and stress biologic markersLow-income healthy pregnant women

Stress, immunity and symptoms in Fibromyalgia
(Menzies and Cook)
Examine relationships among stress, inflammation, environment, fibromyalgia symptoms, and gene expressionWomen with fibromyalgia

Effects of yoga for women with depression
(Kinser and Cook)
Examine relationships among depression, stress, inflammation, cellular aging, DNA methylation patterns, and yogaWomen with treatment-resistant depression