Table 2: Results of 4 research studies using the enhanced informed consent process.

Research titlePopulationAge range (years)Ethnicity/race (self-identified)Enrollment rate (recruitment yield)

Epigenetics and psychoneurologic (PN) symptoms in women with breast cancer
(Lyon et al.)
Women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer23–71African American, 50%
Caucasian, 50%

Epigenetics and maternal stress
(supplement to ongoing intervention trial)
(Jallo and Cook)
Healthy pregnant women 18–32African American, 100%85%

Stress, immunity and symptoms in fibromyalgia
(Menzies and Cook)
Women with fibromyalgia44–62Caucasian, 50%
African American, 40%
Hispanic, 10%

Effects of yoga for women with depression
(Kinser and Cook)
Women with treatment-resistant depression21–61Caucasian, 44.4%
African American, 44.4%
Asian, 11.1%