Research Article

Organizational Culture Shapes the Adoption and Incorporation of Simulation into Nursing Curricula: A Grounded Theory Study

Table 2

Documents reviewed.

Level within the institutionType of documentsTotal reviewedPublicly availableProvided

InstitutionalInstitutional philosophy
Institutional mission statement
Institutional vision statement
Institutional values statement
Institutional core values statement

FacultyFaculty philosophy
Faculty mission statement
Faculty vision statement
Staff performance evaluation
Performance appraisal
Faculty annual appraisal template
Annual performance evaluation report
Support staff performance appraisal

Nursing programNursing program philosophy
Nursing program mission statement
Nursing program vision
Nursing program learning outcomes

Simulation specificThe original simulation proposal
Simulation centre strategic plan
Simulation development template
Sim center mission statement
Sim centre vision statement
Simulation strategic plan
Strategic plan for simulation in nursing
Application to nursing secretariat for simulation funding
Simulation centre strategic plan