Table 2: Conditional means of responding to the different classes of aggression from patients or next of kin and workplace bullying.

Factor (conditional means)Latent classes and their size (%)
Exposure to bullying behaviorsAggression from patients or next of kin

Exposure to bullying behaviors
(1) Someone withholding information which affects your performance1.26481.40721.61891.95852.52741.33671.40261.49351.66351.8668
(2) Repeated reminders of your errors or mistakes1.04621.11641.27311.58032.20911.12501.16601.22111.28891.3651
(3) Persistent criticism of your work or work-effort1.00511.02341.10251.39942.35781.05121.07981.12171.17801.2475
(4) Spreading of gossip and rumors about you1.00221.01651.11451.53152.43981.05811.09311.14381.21131.2931
(5) Having insulting or offensive remarks made about your person, attitudes, or your private life1.00311.01991.11731.48712.25481.05621.08861.13501.19601.2692
(6) Being ignored or excluded1.02101.05791.15211.36251.78191.06851.09391.12841.17151.2205
(7) Being ignored or facing a hostile reaction when you approach1.01011.04081.15401.48772.33711.06951.10401.15281.21631.2917
(8) Practical jokes carried out by people you do not get along with1.00781.03281.12961.42452.12611.05861.08821.13021.18461.2492
(9) Being shouted at or being the target of spontaneous anger1.03501.09241.23171.52732.05321.10481.14141.19081.25171.3201
Aggression from patients or next of kin
(10) Difficult patients or next of kin2.16232.32692.51112.71892.95751.52601.90522.32033.36794.3380
(11) Verbal assaults or spontaneous tantrums from patients or next of kin1.68111.86702.06932.28492.51091.0001.01041.91933.02924.2279
(12) Physical assaults or threats of such assaults from patients or next of kin1.21811.29411.38901.50431.63951.01071.04761.19971.72103.0227

Note. Exposure to bullying behaviors is measured by the Negative Acts Questionnaire (NAQ).