Table 2: Knowledge of study participant mothers towards exclusive breast feeding, Dabat Health Center, Northwest Ethiopia, 2016. .

VariablesFrequencyPercent (%)

Do you know about exclusive breast feeding?

Source of information
 Mass media5915.4
 Health institution25566.4

Right time to give BM to a child after birth
 After giving some butter318.1
 Within an hour26970
 After one hour5414.1
 After 24 hours307.8

What do you do with the first milk or colostrum?
 Feed immediately21054.7

Right time to start complementary foods
 3 months102.6
 4 months348.8
 5 months236
 6 months31181
 7 months or above61.6

Foods or fluids recommended to under 6 months’ child
 Only breast milk23661.5
 Breast milk and/or water or sugar11329.4
 Infant formula71.8

Is prelacteal feeding needed?
 I do not know174.4

BM alone is enough for infant < 6 months of life
 I do not know359.1

EBF prevents diarrheal and respiratory diseases
 I do not know8822.9

Knowledge score