Table 1: Studies reporting on the association between hysteroscopy and positive peritoneal cytology where N: number of cases; PW: peritoneal washing.

Author Indication for surgeryHysteroscopyLaparoscopy
DistentionPressurePositive PW

Ranta et al. [7]51Infertility 80 mmHg8/51 (15.6%)
Sagawa et al. [8]24Endometrial cancerGlucose solution or dextran 50 cm 2/24 (8.4%)
Leveque et al. [9]19Endometrial cancer NaCl 0.9% (2 cases)150 mmHg7/19 (36.8%)
Gücer et al. [10]31Endometrial cancerNaCl 0.9%200 mmHg3/31 (9.7%)
Lo et al. [11]70Endometrial cancer 100 mmHg1/70 (1.4%)
Lo et al. [11]50Endometrial cancerNaCl 0.9%100 cm 7/50 (14%)
Solima et al. [12]40Endometrial cancer (Stage I or II)NaCl 0.9%40 mmHg2/40 (5%)