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Review Article

The Potential Use of Intrauterine Insemination as a Basic Option for Infertility: A Review for Technology-Limited Medical Settings

Table 2

Sperm preparation methods.

AuthorYearDesign (prospective or retrospective)Number of infertile patientsNumber of insemination cyclesMethod of preparationIUI outcome

Carrell et al.1998Prospective363898Sperm washPR 8.9%
-Percoll density gradient16.1%
-Sperm refrigeration/heparin incubation11%

Dodson et al.1998Prospective80153Double cenrifugationCF 15%
-Percoll density gradient20%

Morshedi et al.2003Prospective311676Simple washPR 11.6%
-Density gradient14.3%

Lan et al.2004Prospective140NASwim-upPR 15%
-Percoll density gradient 20%
-Wang's tube method45%

Ren et al.2004ProspectiveNA317AlbuminPR 12.5%
-Percoll density gradient12.7%

PR: Pregnancy rate; CF: Cycle fecundity; NA: Not available.