Table 2: Clinicopathologic findings and prognoses of the patients with metastatic ovarian cancers originating from gastric and colorectal cancers.

Patient no. Age Origin HistologyRegional lymph node metastasisOvarian lymphangio invasionOvarian vascular invasionPeritoneal disseminationDirect invasionLung or liver metastasis LateralityTime of treatment for ovarian metastasis Prognosis

126StomachPoorly differentiatedOXXXXBilateralAt the same timeAfter 1.5 years (dead)
235StomachSignetXOXXXBilateralOne year laterAfter 2.0 years (dead)
350StomachPoorly differentiatedOXXXXRightAt the same timeAfter 1.0 years(dead)
451StomachSignetOOXOXBilateralAt the same timeAfter 2.4 years (dead)
564StomachModerately differentiatedOOXXXLeft2 years laterAfter 3.0 years (dead)
670StomachPoorly differentiatedOOXOXBilateralAt the same timeAfter 1.5 years (dead)
772StomachModerately differentiatedXXXXXLeft4 years laterAfter 7.0 years (dead)

851Ascending colonWell differentiatedOXXOXXRight3 years laterAfter 4.0 years (dead)
962Ascending colonModerately differentiatedOXOXXLiverRightOne year laterAfter 1.5 years (dead)
1070Transverse colonModerately differentiatedOXOOXXRight1.5 years laterAfter 1.5 years(dead)
1167Sigmoid colonModerately differentiatedXXOXOXLeftOne year laterAfter 4.0 years (dead)
1248RectumModerately differentiatedOXOXXXBilateralAt the same timeAfter 2.0 years (dead)
1384RectumModerately differentiatedOXXXOXLeftAt the same timeAfter one year (alive)

(patient no. 14–18 (gall duct, appendix, appendix, small intestine, uterine corpus) are omitted).