Table 3: The pathways of metastases to the ovary and the differences in prognosis between time and space.

Site of original cancerOvarian lymphangio invasion valueOvarian vascular invasion valueLiver metastasis value

Gastric cancer57% (4/7) 0% (0/7) 0% (0/7)NS
Colorectal cancer0% (0/6)67% (4/6)17% (1/6)

Site of original cancerPathological direct invasion value Bilateral ovarian metastasis value

Near the ovaries57% (4/7) 57% (4/7)NS
Distant from the ovaries0% (0/11)45% (5/11)

Site of original cancerTime of treatment for metastatic ovarian tumorNumber (without alive one)Ovary-specific survival (years) (without alive one) value

Near the ovariesAt the same time32.67 ± 2.08
Distant from the ovaries7 1.60 ± 0.84* *
Near the ovariesLater14
Distant from the ovaries6 3.17 ± 2.11*

Near the ovaries: sigmoid colon, rectum, appendix, small intestine, and uterine corpus, distant from the ovaries: stomach, ascending colon, transverse colon, and gall duct, ovary-specific survival: date of ovarian metastasis diagnosis to death.