Table 2: Patient characteristics.

PregVit (1.1 mg folic acid) ( )PregVit-Folic5 (5 mg folic acid) ( )

Age (years) 0.40
Weight (kg)54.5 (45.5–90.9)61.8 (50.08–6.36)b0.98
Gravidityc0 (0–4)1 (0–6)0.86
 South Asian31
 Oriental Asian14
 High school01
 Part time21
 Full time1414
Substance use

a value, as determined by Student’s -test, Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test, or Fisher’s exact test.
bData was missing for one patient (i.e., ).
cThe proportion of women who had been pregnant before was not significantly different between the two groups (9/19 versus 10/19; Fisher’s exact test, ).