Table 3: Maternal outcomes of pregnant women using insulin glargine versus NPH among the studies selected for meta-analysis.

Maternal outcomesNumber of
  Insulin glargine  NPHMean difference*/
odds ratio**
95% confidence limits
Unadjusted mean/eventsNumber of
Unadjusted mean/eventsNumber of
Lower limitUpper limit

Weight at delivery (kg)493.316792.1179−0.82*−6.795.15
Weight gain (kg)515.1230152650.16*−1.031.35
HbA1c—1st trimester (%)47.671437.65158−0.08*−0.640.49
HbA1c—3rd trimester (%)66.72526.8286−0.01*−0.070.05
Severe hypoglycemia (n)49155202050.84**0.183.79
Pre-eclampsia (n)826331403710.55**0.231.32
Cesarean section (n)61992842313241.04**0.721.52
Gestational hypertension (n)49155232050.49**0.201.20

*Mean difference: insulin glargine versus NPH insulin; **Odds ratio: insulin glargine/NPH insulin.