Table 4: Neonatal outcomes of pregnant women using insulin glargine versus NPH among the studies selected for meta-analysis.

Neonatal outcomeNumber of
  Insulin glargine  NPHMean Difference*/
odds ratio**
95% confidence limits
Unadjusted mean/eventsNumber of
Unadjusted mean/eventsNumber of
Lower limitUpper limit

Gestational age at delivery (wks)737.3289373220.09*−0.430.61
Birth weight (g)73463288341231312.97*−19.1845.12
NICU admissions ( )694274943070.79**0.451.38
Apgar score—5 minute (<7, )4614941831.36**0.267.06
Macrosomia (>4000 g, )437157391981.20**0.712.02
LGA (>90th percentile, )458165752161.05**0.681.63
Congenital malformations ( )517237232710.78**0.391.59
Respiratory distress syndrome ( )624261152881.62**0.823.21
Neonatal hypoglycemia ( )758304623460.99**0.631.56
Hyperbilirubinemia ( )658272603140.93**0.491.79

*Mean difference: insulin glargine versus NPH insulin; **Odds ratio: insulin glargine/NPH insulin.