Table 6: Hospital discharge and services involved.

CharacteristicsResultNational data

Median length of hospital stay, days93
% Length of hospital stay 1–6 days20.993.3**
% Length of hospital stay 7–13 days46.04.2**
% Length of hospital stay 14–20 days15.81.1**
% Length of hospital stay 21–27 days6.50.5**
% Length of hospital stay 28 days or more8.60.8**
Hospital discharge:
 % Home with mother/both parents77.295.0**
 % Home in kinship care2.9
 % Foster care10.8
 % With mother to residential care 2.2
 % Transferred to another hospital2.23.8
Neonatal death 2.22.6
% Child at risk notification post delivery/discharge38.1
% Assumed into care who had sibling/s in care68.4
% Assumed into care with no previous sibling 26.3
Services involved at discharge
 Drug and alcohol77.0
 NAS clinic66.2
 Child protection37.4
 Early childhood55.4
 Neonatal early D/C program18.0
 Social work31.7
 Perinatal and family drug health12.2
 Mental health8.6

* value < 0.05; ** value < 0.001.
NSW comparative data used.