Table 2: Attributions for the influence of eating habits on weight gain during pregnancy and their Pearson correlations with gestational weight gain.

Eating behaviorMean (SD)Correlation (r) with GWG

Overeating at meals1.8 (1.1).03
Snacking between meals2.3 (1.0).16
Snacking after dinner2.2 (1.1).15
Eating because I feel physically hungry2.4 (1.3).09
Eating because I crave certain foods2.1 (1.1).21*
Eating when anxious1.5 (1.0).07
Eating when tired1.4 (0.9)
Eating when bored1.4 (1.0)
Eating when stressed1.6 (1.1)
Eating when angry1.6 (1.2)
Eating when depressed/upset1.6 (1.1)
Eating when alone1.6 (1.1)

Items are extracted from the eating habits section of the weight and lifestyle inventory [45], and each is rated on a scale of 1 (does not contribute at all to weight gain) to 5 (contributes the greatest amount). GWG is gestational weight gain. *P < 0.05.