Table 4: Methods of cervical ripening in women with a prior cesarean delivery in The Netherlands in 2010.

Intravaginal prostaglandin E2 gel (Prostin) 1 mgIntravaginal prostaglandin E2 gel (Prostin)  mgSlow release vaginal insert prostaglandin E2 (Propess)Intravaginal prostaglandin E1 misoprostol tablet (Cytotec)Foley catheterFoley catheter + prostaglandines (E1 or E2)Foley catheter + oxytocinHygroscopic cervical dilator (Dilapan-S)Elective repeat cesarean sectionOther: sweep (1), oxytocin (1)

Frequency of
Every 4 h121n/an/a
Every 6 h31n/an/a
Every 12 h1n/an/a

Maximum daily
Three times221n/an/a

Total    532135232152

Second choice   332663

Concerns the preferred method of cervical ripening. n/a: not applicable.