Table 2: 2009 FIGO staging system for endometrial cancer.

StageAnatomic involvement

Stage ITumor confined to the uterine corpus
 IA No or <50% myometrial invasion
 IB ≥50% myometrial invasion
Stage IICervical stromal involvement
Stage IIILocal and/or regional tumor spread
 IIIA Tumor invasion into uterine serosa and/or adnexal involvement
 IIIB Vaginal and/or parametrial involvement
 IIIC Metastases to lymph nodes
  IIIC1  Positive pelvic lymph nodes
  IIIC2  Positive para-aortic lymph nodes
Stage IV
 IVA Bladder and/or bowel involvement
 IVB Distant metastases, including abdominal disease and/or inguinal lymph node involvement