Obstetrics and Gynecology International / 2018 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Perceptions and Practice of Labor Pain-Relief Methods among Health Professionals Conducting Delivery in Minia Maternity Units in Egypt

Table 2

Types of pain-relief methods.


Methods used in the first stage
Nonpharmacological methods10544.9
Pharmacological methods4318.4
Methods used in the second stage
Nonpharmacological methods3012.8
Pharmacological methods15967.9
Types of nonpharmacological methods for pain-relief practice (total 135/234)
Heat or ice compression135.6
Massage and therapeutic touch2410.3
Relaxing environment, audio analgesia (music, Quran, conversation, etc.)156.4
Deep breathing/patterned breathing187.7
Maternal positioning, waking, moving around the room208.5
Giving assurance, explaining the labor process4519.2
Types of pharmacological methods for pain relief used in labor (total 202/234)
Epidural anesthesia2912.4
Others/nitrous oxide or inhaled gases93.8
Continuous education that focused on methods for pain relief
No, I had not6380.8
Yes, I had1519.2