Obstetrics and Gynecology International / 2018 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Perceptions and Practice of Labor Pain-Relief Methods among Health Professionals Conducting Delivery in Minia Maternity Units in Egypt

Table 3

Opinion and attitude of health professionals regarding the effect of pain-relief methods during normal labor.

VariableYes, N (%)No, N (%)

Women should expect pain during labor.210 (89.7)24 (10.3)
Belief that pain relief in labor is necessary.183 (78.2)51 (21.8)
Use of pharmacological methods will influence the progress of labor.99 (42.3)135 (57.7)
Use of nonpharmacological methods for pain relief during normal labor is safer.189 (77.8)45 (19.2)
Use of pharmacological pain-relief methods will increase comfort of women.198 (84.6)36 (15.4)
Opinion regarding the effect of methods on the ability of women to cope with pain.162 (69.2)72 (30.8)
If resources are available and you have been asked to give pain relief, do you agree to give them?213 (91)21 (9)
Have you heard about the WHO analgesic ladder?186 (79.5)48 (20.5)
Do you have any concerns about using pain relief during labor?189 (80.8)45 (19.2)

WHO: World Health Organization.