Obstetrics and Gynecology International / 2018 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Acceptable Postvoid Residual Urine Volume after Vaginal Delivery and Its Association with Various Obstetric Parameters

Table 4

Correlation between various obstetric parameters with residual urine volume.

Obstetric parameters value

Maternal age−0.1360.098
Body mass index−0.2160.008
Gestational age at delivery0.0080.924
Duration of active phase of labour0.2300.005
Duration of second stage of labour0.306<0.001
Duration of oxytocin augmentation0.1340.364
Duration of epidural analgesia0.1430.640
Interval from delivery to first void0.0580.48
Interval of first void and second void−0.1150.16
Perineal pain score0.2720.001
Birth weight−0.0720.380
Blood loss0.2020.013

Pearson correlation r test: r ≤ 0.3: weak correlation; 0.3 < r < 0.7: moderate correlation; r ≥ 0.7: strong correlation.