Research Article

Obstetric Danger Signs: Knowledge, Attitude, Health-Seeking Action, and Associated Factors among Postnatal Mothers in Nekemte Town, Oromia Region, Western Ethiopia—A Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study

Table 3

Knowledge of obstetric danger signs among postnatal mothers in Nekemte Town, West Ethiopia, November 2017 (N = 610).

VariableFrequency ()Percentage (%)

Key danger signs during pregnancy
 (i) Vaginal bleeding24339.8
 (ii) Sudden gush of fluid before labor10116.6
 (iii) Severe headache20533.6
 (iv) Blurred vision19632.1
 (v) Excessive vomiting6110
 (vi) Swelling of hands/face10617.4
 (vii) Loss of fetal movement11018
 (viii) Premature onset of contraction6811.1
 (ix) Severe unusual abdominal pain589.5

Key danger signs during delivery
 (i) Severe vaginal bleeding152.5
 (ii) Prolonged labor569.2
 (iii) Convulsions50.8
 (iv) Retained placenta193.1

Key danger signs during postpartum
 (i) Severe bleeding following childbirth183
 (ii) Loss of consciousness after childbirth50.8
 (iii) Fever396.4
 (iv) Foul-smelling vaginal discharge254.1

Did not mention any danger signs15725.7
Mentioned at least 5 danger signs with at least one in each danger sign19732.3

Multiple responses were possible.